PIII Memory and Chipset Comparison

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The Test Setup

As usual I ran each test at least three times and rejected any that were not within 3%. All systems were set for the fastest BIOS settings (found by testing different settings), had the latest BIOS versions along with any drivers needed for the chipset or video card. PC133 was run at CAS2, same with the VCM and PC2100. All systems were 100% stable during the series of tests, which take about 8 hours per series to run.

Components used were the mainboards as noted, an Intel Pentium III 800EB CPU, and 128MB of each memory type, GeForce II GTS video card, Western Digital 200BB ATA/100 7200 RPM hard disk and a D-Link 10/100 NIC installed. Windows 98 SE was installed and set for 1024×764/16bit @ 85Hz. A 3.5″ FD and ATA/33 50X CDROM were also installed.

I try to pick a wide rage of benchmarks that will give an idea of performance differences with different systems uses. Some are application based, some are synthetic, some business, others game oriented. I feel you can’t judge by just one benchmark, while at the same time you also need to look at what the benchmarks do to see if it profiles your system use. Don’t be fooled by which gets the higher score, keep in mind a few points (or even a 100 points) may reflect a difference of only a few percent, which is not enough to even worry about.

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