Intel’s Pentium 4 – A Worthy Successor?

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Gaming and 3D Benchmarks

So what about gaming and multimedia performance? Let’s look at a few:

Looks real impressive with almost 250 points difference (10.5%) in favor of the P4. So what about video playback / DVD performance?

Again the P4 shows an advantage by about 17.5%. I think we are starting to see a trend here – in “traditional” benchmarks like Winbench, Winstone and SYSmark that are based on office type applications the P4 doesn’t fair too well. But in the “newer” multimedia type benchmarks the P4 does have a clear advantage.

Some say Quake III is a dated game / benchmark, but if you still use games like this it has value. It’s also very good at giving a good indication of pure CPU power and memory performance.

As I’d expect with 800MHz of CPU speed advantage the P4 is the clear winner, by an impressive 32.5%! So will the older Final Reality benchmark show the same?

Yes it does. The P4 is faster by about 39%. Seems both actually are good indicators of pure CPU speed and in this case they show what I’d expect, the 2.0GHz P4 as faster than the 1.2GHz P3.

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