Intel Pentium 4 vs. AMD Athlon – a First Look

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3D, Gaming and Video

So here we see that the CPU score for the P4/i845 and Athlon are very close, the P4/i850 beats both the P4/i845 and Athlon, which is just what I would expect from a 2.0GHz CPU that is designed for multimedia applications. But will other results be the same?

It is starting to look like a trend… but smaller percentages here.

And here we see it again – except the percentages are different still.

Totally different here. What we see is that (bottom) the P4/i845 is 24% slower than the Athlon and 18% slower than the P4/i850, but the Athlon is 5% faster than the P4/i850 platform. I told you the way I made up the graphs was a bit confusing but I hope it makes sense and you can see what I’m looking for here. What is interesting is that this game is the only benchmark I ran that shows the Athlon with a higher score than the 2.0GHz P4 regardless of chipset.

Here the performance is really the same between all platforms, since 2% is really not a difference, but both P4 setups beat the Athlon. Interesting results, but this test does reflect one of the applications that Intel has been saying the P4 CPU is good at doing, which is video playback.

And a different series of results, but more like the first three.

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