Rambus Sets the Bandwidth Bar at a Terabyte/Second

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In this article, David Kanter covers Rambus’ recent announcement of the Terabyte Bandwidth Initiative (TBI), which is likely to be the successor to the XDR and XDR2 memory interface. The TBI is a high speed interface, which significantly improves the command/address architecture for better performance and is targeted at next generation consoles and graphics applications.

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CELL Microprocessor III

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This is the third article in a series covering the CELL microprocessor, co-developed by IBM, Sony and Toshiba.

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CELL Microprocessor Revisited

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Why? Details on the CELL processor, designed by the collective efforts of Sony, Toshiba and IBM (STI), were previously disclosed at ISSCC 2005. The previous article provided coverage of the hardware details of the CELL processor, based on the information made available at ISSCC 2005. The purpose of this article is to act as a […]

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ISSCC 2005: The CELL Microprocessor

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This article is an overview of the CELL microprocessor as presented at ISSCC 2005 by IBM, Toshiba and Sony.

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The Founding of an Empire?

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Rambus has become one of those companies that people either love or hate. Discussions in technical newsgroups and message boards have become almost as fervent as the Mac vs. PC discussions of yore. Recent news that both Toshiba and Hitachi have signed licensing agreements for DDR and SDRAM patent claims by Rambus has pushed the issue to the forefront of the news, and brought out the most fanatical on both sides.

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Direct Rambus DRAM, Part 2 – Operation and Performance

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Find out here exactly what the performance advantages – and disadvantages – of DRDRAM are from an industry expert.

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Direct Rambus Memory, Part 1 – The Basics

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Learn the basic operating principles of the highly touted Rambus DRAM.

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