Announcing the First Engineering Roundtable

Announcing Real World Technologies’ First Engineering Roundtable

As previously discussed here, Engineering Roundtables are an opportunity for members of the Real World Technologies community to engage in a moderated Q&A session and discussion with engineers and representatives from various technology companies. Our Roundtables are hosted by Digi-Net Inc., using DigiChat, the leading Java based chat application. It is with great pleasure that we announce the first Engineering Roundtable.


Newisys was founded in August, 2000 by Phil Hester and Clay Cipione to design and manufacture enterprise servers based around AMD’s Opteron MPU. In July, 2003, Newisys was bought by Sanmina-SCI, a leading ODM; Newisys currently offers 2P and 4P servers, which are distributed through Newisys’ channel and OEM partners.


Newisys recently taped out the new Extendiscale chipset, (previously code-named Horus), which extends the scalability of AMD’s Opteron MPU from 8P to 32P ccNUMA systems. Rajesh Kota, the lead designer, recently gave a presentation at Hot Chips 2004 describing the Extendiscale Architecture. This presentation can be found here, and is excellent background material for this Roundtable. We recommend that everyone attending the Roundtable read the presentation, and preferably have a copy handy at the time.

The Engineering Roundtable

Our first Engineering Roundtable, with Rajesh Kota, will be held on Wednesday, September 22, 2004 from 12-1:30pm Pacific Standard Time. The topic for discussion is the Horus chipset.

All readers of Real World Technologies and the newsgroup comp.arch are invited to this Roundtable. While Roundtables will normally be restricted to RWT members, the first two are freely available to the public, with one exception. Any journalists, analysts or other individuals interested in attending for commercial purposes must contact David Kanter at

We hope that everyone will come to the Roundtable with lots of intelligent questions for Rajesh. The best way to start is to read the Hot Chips presentation, and think about the market that Horus is intended for. A transcript of the Roundtable will be made publicly available several weeks after the Roundtable, for those who could not attend.

Logging in to the Newisys Roundtable

Logging in to the Roundtable is pretty straightforward. The hardest step is actually signing up as a RWT member (paid or unpaid).

  • Click on the “Join RWT” button to the left and follow instructions.
  • On the sidebar to the left of the screen, click on the “Members” link.
  • Login to RWT with your account and password.
  • Under “Member Options” click on the “Roundtable Chat” hyperlink.
  • A window will pop up; install and run the Java applet.
  • Another window Java applet will appear, and again, click yes to install.

    Now the Digichat client will open a new window, and you will be in RWT’s main chat lounge. If you close the original browser window, you will automatically leave the chat window, so leave the browser open. To get into the chat room itself, you need the password for the chat session. This will be emailed out both the morning of the Roundtable and several days in advance.

    Closing Notes

    Unfortunately, all events like this need rules. However, we will try to keep them to a bare minimum, currently two. First, it is strictly prohibited for anyone to produce, reproduce or otherwise transmit a transcript or summary of the Roundtable. Similarly, it is expressly prohibited for anyone to attend the Roundtables for journalistic or commercial purposes without the permission of David Kanter. Second, be nice to everyone. The only way this sort of event is going to work is if you are polite, respectful and considerate of others.

    Since Digichat is Java based, you can use any computer you wish to log in. However, some firewalls will not allow DigiChat through, so we recommend that you try to log in, before the Roundtable, and check with your administrator, if you are having trouble connecting.

    We look forward to seeing everyone on the 22nd.

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