Socket A DDR Chipset Comparison – Revisited

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Sub System Benchmarks

First we’ll look at the Memory Tach results, which gives an idea how the different chipsets handle memory operations, along with a comparison between DDR SDRAM and SDRAM.

More than anything it shows how close the different chipsets are, but the ALi does stand out in a couple of them, which is interesting since it doesn’t generally have the highest CPU scores. But overall they are pretty uniform.

Winbench 99 is good for looking at individual subsystems. CPUmark 99 is a synthetic test that not only tests the CPU but also the Cache (L1 and L2 in this case), along with memory performance.

By the Memory Tach scores I would not expect this much variation, but again there is less than 3% difference between the three DDR chipsets, and 5% between the fastest SDRAM and fastest DDR. Not really that much. It is interesting to see the VIA DDR is just a point behind the AMD now, and the ALi came in last but still ahead of the VIA SDRAM.

The disk and graphics scores are so close they are hardly worth even showing, but I will just so you can see how close they really are. Both tests use the same data as the Winstone test, so they are application based and not synthetic.

About the only thing I can say is that the DDR chipsets beat the SDRAM.

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