Socket A DDR Chipset Comparison – Revisited

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Gaming and 3D Graphics Benchmarks

3D Mark 2001 is a fairly new and intensive benchmark for 3D graphics. The overall score is what I’m interested in here.

The VIA DDR does look pretty good here, but it’s only about 3.5% faster than the AMD or ALi, which are very close. Even the VIA SDRAM board is not too far off, at about 4% slower than the fastest DDR.

Since the 3D Winbench 2000 scores are so close, due to the video card being pretty much maxed out, I’ll just show the CPU score.

Pretty much no real difference – a bit over 2% between the fastest and slowest DDR, while the SDRAM is not much further behind.

Quake can sometimes be a good test of CPU speed along with memory performance, not just video performance.

Almost 5% between the slowest DDR (the ALi) and the fastest (AMD), the most seen so far. Also a big difference between the fastest DDR and the SDRAM, with a bit over 11%!

And now video playback with MadOnion’s Video 2000. One that is better viewed in a scale of 0 to 1,000.

That spread of 62 points between the three DDR chipsets that works out to about 7% with the AMD and VIA being the winners. Again one of the larger differences.

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