Socket A DDR Chipset Shootout

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3D and Game Performance

First lets take a look at the scores using the new 3Dmark 2001. First the overall score and then the individual scores.

This time the VIA chipset is the winner with ALi in the middle and AMD last. But again not that much difference when you look at the ‘big picture’ (percentages) – the ALi is only .5% (that’s half of a percent) slower than the VIA.

So, there is again little difference and it varies from test to test as to which performs better. Notice that the ALi wins two and ties for first in another.

What about 3D Winbench 2001?

Pretty much like the other tests… too close to call. It is interesting to see the VIA with the highest score, AMD the best CPU performance – and again the ALi is right in the middle on both.

And let’s not forget about Quake III, which sometimes can be a better indicator of CPU & memory performance rather than actual game performance.

This time the VIA is the clear loser, AMD the winner, with ALi (again) in the middle.

And for video play-back performance we have the Video 2000 benchmark.

This time we do see the AMD and VIA very close with the ALi a bit behind – one of the few.

Again, the performance differences are too close to declare a real winner, but the consistency of the ALi is again impressive.

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