Socket A Processor Comparison

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The Tests

This time I used an AOpen AK73 Pro (A) Socket A mainboard using the VIA KT133A 200/266MHz FSB chipset for the test. The AK73 series uses either the KT133 or 133A chipset, and the Pro version has overclocking features that allows you to set non-standard HostClk speeds, override the multiplier lock, and adjust the CPU core voltage. There is also a version with an on-board 1394 Firewire controller, and as traditional for Aopen, the mainboards are high quality with a number of features not found on other mainboards (they are also geared toward both the home system builder and OEM’s). It was equipped with 128MB of PC133 SDRAM run at CAS2, a GeForce II GTS AGP video card run at the High Performance setting, a WD 200BB ATA/100 7200 RPM Hard Disk, a 3.5" Floppy Disk drive, 50x ATA/33 CDROM and a D-Link 10/100 NIC. Win98 SE was installed along with the latest drivers needed (video and VIA driver pack) and run at 1024×768/16bit @ 85Hz.

All tests were run at least 3 times, and the highest score was used (except for tests that report averages), if the test runs were not within 3% they were rejected and re-run. During all the tests from the Duron 800 to the Athlon 1.4GHz the system was 100% stable with no errors. The best (fastest) BIOS settings were found before running the tests and stayed the same throughout the test series with one exception. When using a 266Mhz FSB the memory was run at the HostClk of 133MHz, and when running the 200MHz FSB the memory was run at the HostClk + 33MHz (100+33=133MHz). Both the latest Athlon 1.4 and Duron 950 were reported correctly with the latest BIOS for the AOpen AK73 Pro (A).

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