Socket A Processor Comparison

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Application Benchmarks

Winstone 2001, Business and Content Creation benchmarks are a good indication of overall system performance using business type applications with multiple windows open at the same time:

Nice progressive performance, about what you’d expect. Notice the two fastest Athlon’s generate almost the same score in Winstone as in Content Creation, but the two Duron’s show a significant difference between the two benchmarks. There is no indication of the system limiting performance of the faster CPU’s, but the smaller L2 cache or lower 200MHz FSB of the Duron does seem to affect the Business Winstone results in a negative manner.

How about SYSmark 2000 – will the results be the same? Same basic types of programs are tested, but a different mix and only one window open at a time:

Similar to the Winstone results, except there is a noticeable gap from the Duron 950 to the Athlon 1.0. Interesting – is it the smaller L2 cache of the Duron or the slower FSB speed? I’d say it’s mostly due to the smaller L2 cache.

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