Soyo K7AIA Motherboard Evaluation

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One of the reasons that Soyo has a very good name in the industry is because they make reliable products. This is accomplished through solid engineering and quality implementation, as well as a somewhat conservative approach. They are generally not the first to implement a new chipset or ‘hot’ technology, preferring instead to take their time and allow the other manufacturers to find any reliability or compatibility issues.

This approach has been very evident with the implementation of Soyo’s first Athlon motherboard. Rather than utilize the just released VIA KX133, they decided to use the more mature AMD 750 chipset. Though it lacks AGP 4x support, this shouldn’t be a major issue for the vast majority of users, since it really doesn’t provide any performance benefit to speak of over AGP 2x with today’s applications. It does, however, include UDMA/66 support (which also isn’t much of a performance issue)

According to many sources, the performance of the AMD 750 chipset with ‘super bypass’ enabled is every bit as good as existing P6 chipsets, and with the KX133 chipset as well. What Soyo has developed, then, is a stable, reliable and well performing motherboard.

Our test system included the following components:

  • Soyo K7AIA motherboard – provided by Soyo
  • Athlon 500MHz processor – purchased
  • 128MB SDRAM – provided by Crucial Technology
  • W.D 8.4GB UDMA/66 HDD – Purchased
  • Diamond Viper V770 Ultra (32MB) – provided by Diamond
  • Adaptec AHA-2940UW SCSI Controller – purchased
  • Toshiba TA5401B 4x SCSI CDROM – purchased

Software used for evaluation:
  • Windows 2000 – Microsoft Corporation
  • Winstone99 Business/High End Tests – ZDBOp
  • Content Creation 2000 – ZDBOp
  • Burn-in Test – Passmark
  • QuickTech Pro 2000 (Self-booting) – Ultra-X
  • RAM Stress Test (Self-booting) – Ultra-X

Diagnostic Hardware used for evaluation

  • PHD PCI – Ultra-X
  • PHD Plus (ISA) – Ultra-X

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