Soyo K7AIA Motherboard Evaluation

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Conclusions and Recommendations

The Soyo K7AIA appears to be an extremely stable and reliable motherboard, rivaling any i440BX based board we’ve tested. There is no reason we can think of that should prevent businesses from seriously considering this board for their critical systems, perhaps even small office servers. We have not performed any server specific tests, so the stability under those conditions is unknown at this time.

Soyo has done an outstanding job in engineering and implementing the K7AIA motherboard, and this could very well be the best Slot A motherboard available right now. In fact, for anyone who has been avoiding non-Intel solutions for fear of running into problems, we would seriously recommend that this board be given a close look – it just might make you a believer.

Based upon our tests, we have the following set of recommendations:

  • We did have a small problem installing the AGP and IDE drivers for this board. First, the ‘auto detect’ function could not determine which motherboard was in use, and second, the driver installation program on our CD did not function with Windows 2000. In order to install the drivers we had to execute the setup programs directly. Fortunately, Soyo made them easy to find by placing them in the /drivers/K7AGP/Windows2000 and /drivers/K7IDE/Windows2000 directories.
  • Unless you are certain that your SDRAM will operate reliably at 133MHz, you should leave the host bus/PCI setting at 100/33.

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