Soyo SY-6BA+III Motherboard Evaluation

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Resources and Test Notes

Documentation and Included Items

There is a complete hardcopy manual with this motherboard which is well written and provides clear explanations and pictures for all setup options. Also included is a CD which has all necessary drivers, and the manual in electronic (PDF) form. At the back of the manual is a complete description of the drivers, and how to install them.

To make this product even more appealing, Soyo has included a CD which contains 3 very nice utilities from Symantec, which they call their “3-in-1 Bonus Pack”. The first utility is a full version of Norton Anti-Virus, complete with a one-year subscription to Symantecs LiveUpdate so you can have new virus definitions downloaded automatically. The second utility is a full version of Norton Ghost. This is a must-have utility for those who wish to make a clone of their installation, particularly for Windows95 because Xcopy does not function reliably for this purpose (despite many claims to the contrary). The third utility is Virtual Drive, which allows multiple virtual CD drives to be defined, allowing multiple CDs to be read simultaneously!

Other Resources

As with any product, there are situations when you will need to have up-to-date information or simply a place to ask questions. This section will provide some links to additional resources, as well as some of our own findings.

The first place to look for information is the manufacturers web site. For information speciSoyoally geared towards the SY-6BA+III motherboard go to (U.S. site), (Netherlands site) or (Taiwan site). These sites contain links to their FAQs, BIOS and Driver download pages.

Another valuable resource is the newsgroups. The following three newsgroups may prove to be particularly helpful:

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