Transcend TS-AKXA Motherboard Evaluation

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Conclusions and Recommendations

As stated in the intro, this is the first Transcend product I have had the opportunity to evaluate, and I am suitably impressed. While it could have an extra PCI slot (like the Tyan does), or could have implemented the ISA timings a bit better, overall it is very stable, never failing any of the tests I threw at it. In addition, the one diagnostic that has me most impressed is the lack of failures in the ATS tests under RST with all three DIMM slots populated, even though there are reports circulating that this is a chipset issue. Perhaps, instead, a lack of attention to such details has caused the problem with other motherboards?

Of the three KX133 based boards I have evaluated, this is the one I feel is the best overall because of the stability and apparently superior implementation of the three DIMM slots. The inability to overclock reliably may be an issue for some, but this appears to be more of a chipset limitation.

Based upon my tests, I have the following set of observations/recommendations:

  • Since the FSB essentially maxes out at 200MHz (100MHz DDR), there is no reason to replace existing PC100 memory you might have. If you need to get new memory anyway, it would be advisable to get the best you can for the money since the VIA chipset does allow the DRAM clock to run 33MHz faster than the FSB clock (133MHz, in this case)
  • Running stable at anything beyond 100MHz FSB is questionable, and should be thoroughly tested before using any important applications.
  • Using three DIMM modules should present no problems on this board (I used 128MB modules), based upon my test results.

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