Performance Per Watt: Dempsey and Woodcrest

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Cinebench 9.5 was used for this testing, in 64 bit mode. The power draw over time is shown below.

Figure 1 – Cinebench Power Consumption

As far as the benchmarks go, Cinebench took the least execution time, so it is very fortunate that the power draw was quite consistent. Chart 1 below summarizes the performance, power draw and performance/watt.

Chart 1 – Cinebench

The performance unit in this case is throughput normalized to a 1GHz Pentium 4 (with a score of 100 as reference). Under a full load, the Woodcrests uses 135W less power than a pair of Dempseys. This translates into a 2.2x performance/watt advantage for the newer microprocessors.

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