Performance Per Watt: Dempsey and Woodcrest

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For POV-Ray, version 3.7 beta 12 was used, in 64 bit mode. This version is somewhat out-of-date, but was used previously for our Woodcrest and Dempsey performance numbers, so changing to the more modern 3.7 beta 16a would have required retesting the systems in question (which was not possible). The power draw is shown below in Figure 2.

Figure 2 – POV-Ray Power Consumption

As the figure indicates, POV-Ray benefits quite a bit from the more efficient core in Woodcrest, but also is able to effectively take advantage of multithreading in Dempsey. As a result, the performance gap narrows quite a bit in the multiprocessor test. One curiosity on this workload is the strange ramp up period, which is most pronounced when using 8 threads on Dempsey. It is unclear what is responsible for this peculiarity, but it is certainly worth noting. Chart 2 shows the various summary statistics.

Chart 2 – POV-Ray Summary

Here, the power gap widens, with a pair of Woodcrests using 146W less power than their predecessors. However, the performance/watt improvement is roughly the same as for Cinebench, 2.09x. As a note, the performance metric is pixels rendered per second.

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