Performance Per Watt: Dempsey and Woodcrest

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Sungard ACR

The Sungard Credit Risk Analyzer is in some ways the odd man out for this exercise. It is the only benchmark where performance is measured in execution time, rather than throughput. As a result, we will transform all the execution times into jobs/day and then proceed as before. The power consumption is shown below in Figure 3.

Figure 3 – Sungard ACR Power Consumption

Sungard ACR also shows some slightly odd start up behavior, although the fluctuations are significantly smaller, and smoother, than with POV-Ray. The chart below summarizes the key statistics.

Chart 3 – Sungard ACR Summary

Sungard shows the largest advantage for Woodcrest yet, reducing the system power consumption by 130W, but improving performance/watt by a factor of 2.75x.

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