Core Microarchitecture Performance: Woodcrest Preview

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POV-Ray 3.7 Beta 12a

Our second rendering test comes courtesy of POV-Ray. The 3.7 build of POV-Ray is still in beta, after nearly a year and a half, and the latest build is 12a. Performance for POV-Ray is a throughput measure; pixels/sec for the standard benchmarking image.

Figure 5 – POV-Ray CPU Performance

Predictably the results for POV-Ray are quite similar to those for Cinebench. Woodcrest starts off about 2x faster than Dempsey with no threading, but in SMP mode, the lead narrows to around 30%. Both systems show exceptional scaling, a factor of 3.55x for Woodcrest and a factor of 4.54x for Dempsey. This is hard proof that multithreading plays a role in Dempsey’s scaling, although only fine grained thread control in the benchmark would allow us to quantify what portion of the scaling is due to multiple processors and what portion is due to multiple threads.

The standard deviation for single threaded execution with Woodcrest was 5.3 pixels/sec, while Dempsey was 7.4 pixels/sec. The multithreaded deviations were worse at 13.3 and 8.8 pixels/sec, but considering they are all less than 1% of the average, it is hardly an issue.

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