Write for Us

Real World Tech is one of the oldest technology websites in existence. We started out in 1996, with motherboard and CPU reviews and industry insights from Dean Kent. Over time, the site grew beyond the expertise of just one person. Paul DeMone shared his knowledge of circuit design and computer architecture, looking at RISC, Itanium and x86 microprocessors. David Wang contributed articles about interconnects, the CELL processor and semiconductor manufacturing. More recently, David Kanter has written about computer architecture, graphics processors and software. Along the way, many others have contributed excellent articles on topics from mainframes to parallel software and 3D integration. Our authors and readers have made RWT the foremost publication for detailed technical discussions and analysis.

As the industry evolves, we are constantly looking to expand our horizons, tackle new and exciting technologies and add new perspectives. But we need your help. RWT has always been a small team and we are looking for enthusiastic and informed contributors. Whether you can take the site into a new and exciting direction, or enrich the areas that we already cover, we need assistance to ensure continued success. We write about a variety of topics:

  • Microprocessors
  • Enterprise IT and Cloud
  • Mobile SoCs
  • Graphics
  • Storage and I/O
  • Software

Even if your area of expertise is something new for us, say wireless communications, we’d be thrilled to get in touch. We are always looking for enthusiastic writers, so please send David an email at dkanter AT realworldtech DOT com and tell us a bit about yourself. We look forward to hearing from you : )